Beautiful Hair Menu

Silk Press | 70
Straightening sequence for natural hair using a combination of organic oil infusions, heat from a ceramic flat iron and styling techniques that create smooth, straight hair. *Pricing starts at 70

Shampoo & Style | 55
Relaxing shampoo using top of the line products combined with custom styling.

Trim | 20
Expert hair trim, designed to perfectly frame your face. 

Demi Color | 35
Demi-permanent color lasts up to 24 washes. Great for blending grey and enhancing natural hair color.

Highlights | 130
Permanent-color highlights compliment natural hair color and create  vibrant tones that accentuate the overall look of your hair.

Color Rinse | 25
Semi-permanent color that adds dimension and character to natural hair without the commitment of permanent hair color.



One-Step Smoothing System | 150
This low pH, chemical-free and temporary smoothing system uses amino acids to provide you with more tamable hair. As an essential addition to your summer beauty routine, this system keeps hair smooth and manageable during warmer months. The BASIC Hair Care System is used exclusively. 

*Pricing starts at 150

Healthy Hair


Honey | 30
Organic raw honey infused with 7 essential oils strengthens, smooths and softens hair. This excellent emollient and conditioner stimulates growth and promotes a healthy scalp.

Protein | 30
Replenishes shine and moisture, creating smoother, stronger hair.

Hydration | 30
Restores moisture to dry hair, strengthens hair, and significantly reduces breakage and split-ends while improving manageability.

Boost Protein System | 35
The BASIC moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo and conditioning system is specifically formulated with quinoa extract, which contains all nine amino acids necessary to repair damaged hair. 

Clients coming out of extensions, braids, etc.: in an effort to keep appointment times down to a minimum, please have hair detangled prior to arrival. 

A non-refundable deposit of $25 is required for all first-time clients, payable via PayPal. Deposits will be deducted from your final bill, and appointments are not confirmed until the deposit has been paid. Deposits remain valid and on file for rescheduled or cancelled and rescheduled appointments.